How to Clean Pool Table Felt and Stains the Correct Way

How to Clean Pool Table Felt and Stains the Correct Way - Pool Table Portfolio
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How to Safely Clean Your Pool Table Felt: A Step-by-Step Guide

Your pool table is a game room investment, and keeping the pool table felt in as pristine a condition as you can is important for game play and visual appeal. While you may think to clean your own pool table like any other piece of furniture, the wrong tool or methods can damage the felt and table, ruining your experience and pool table in the process.

Step 1: No Vacuum Cleaners!

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is using a vacuum cleaner or vacuum tool attachments on your pool table felt. The strong suction can pull on the felt, causing it to separate the grouting of the slates underneath, leading to wrinkles and imperfections on the playing surface. Always avoid using vacuum cleaners on the felt and leave that tool for cleaning the floor around your pool table.

Step 2: Get a Proper Pool Table Brush

Invest in a high-quality pool table brush designed specifically for this purpose. The brush has to have soft bristles, with one end having longer bristles to reach under the rails to clean effectively.

Step 3: Brush in a Straight Direction

When brushing the felt, avoid moving your brush in a circle or back and forth. Start from one corner of the pool table and move the brush gently in one smooth direction, making sure the longer bristles run along the outer edge under the rail.

Step 4: Clean the Brush after Each Pass

To avoid transferring dust, dirt and other debris from one spot to another, clean the brush after each pass. Preferably use a microfiber cloth to wipe away the collected dust and dirt from the brush.

Step 5: Clean the Rails, then the Playing Area

Start by cleaning the felt on the rails using the pool table brush, covering the bristle part with a microfiber cloth. Once the rails are clean, move on to the playing area. There are two options for cleaning the playing area:

  • Option 1: Brush dust and dirt from one end to the other until the entire surface is brushed. Then, brush the debris toward the corner pockets, using a dustpan or cloth to collect it.
  • Option 2: Brush dust and dirt from one end of the table to the center and stop. Repeat until all debris is in the center. Then, use a dustpan with a protective rubber edge to collect the dust and dirt.

Step 6: Clean the Pockets by Hand

Use a clean, damp microfiber cloth to wipe down the pockets. Remember avoid using a vacuum crevice tool of any kind. Who wants to hear a vacuum cleaner anyways?

Step 7: Use Only Approved Wood Cleaning Products

To clean the wooden areas on the table, use an approved wood cleaning product recommended by your pool table supplier. Make sure to completely avoid the use of harsh chemicals that could damage the wood's fine finish.

Step 8: Clean the Pool Balls

Using a "mild" dish detergent mixed with a bit of warm water is the ideal way to clean the pool balls. Wet a clean cloth with the soapy water, wring it out, and wipe off the balls. Rinse the balls under cold water to remove any soap residue, then air dry them or use a clean, dry cloth to dry them. If your pool balls are made from a special material then consult with the billiard ball supplier on how to properly clean them.

Step 9: Get Rid of Stains with Care

For stains on felt, use a clean cotton cloth dampened (not wet) with distilled water. Wring all the water out of the cloth then gently dab the stain, carefully avoiding excessive moisture to be transferred. If the stain isn't able to be removed then contact your local Dry Cleaners as they have plenty of knowledge on how to remove a stubborn stain on your pool table felt.

We hope you followed these steps and have your pool table looking as good as new again. Maintaining your pool table felt in excellent condition, ensuring smooth game play and prolonging the life of your felt before you might want to have it replaced is essential. Remember to clean your pool table every so often to enjoy many years of fun and entertainment. If you have any questions contact us at our email or call and we will be happy to help with any problem you might be having.

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