Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Custom Made to Order

Are all the game tables custom made to order?

All the game tables and accessories produced by Pool Table Portfolio are custom made to
order.  That enables us to be able to modify all options on the tables to
the clients specifications. We have an Available section that has a few select items that are ready to ship.

What is your production time?

Production is different for each individual item. Typical production time is between
12 to 14 weeks.  But again, that varies on the item being manufactured.

Are you able to put a rush on an order?

There is a potential that we may be able to rush a products production time. However quality is of upmost importance. So that would take priority over a deadline.

FAQ Returns and Exchanges

Are we able to return custom made game tables?

Once a custom made game table is initiated, we are unable to cancel or return. If there is a problem with the product, the issue will be rectified immediately. Please contact us by telephone at 888.617.7665 or email sales @ Send us any photos of the situation. We will proceed to replace or repair the product.

Can we return in stock floor cue racks and triangles?

If you're not completely satisfied with your Cue Rack or Triangle, just contact us at sales @ to receive an RMA(return) code. But please keep the following in mind during the return process:

  • Returns must be received in original condition with original crate within 20 days of receipt or date of purchase, whichever is later.
  • Shipping and delivery charges are non-refundable.
  • There is a 10% restocking fee.

FAQ Shopping

How secure is my shopping? Is my data protected?

Most of our products are transacted offline because there are several stages required in the customization of your table. All other applicable products and transactions that are AVAILABLE are transacted in a secure and safe HTTPS server.

How do we initiate production?

Once a 50% deposit is received, production or your
custom game table commences.  Upon completion prior to shipping, the
remainder will be requested.

What if our location is not ready to receive the produced product?

We are able store a custom product at our factory as
long as the item is paid.  The client is requested to keep us informed as to when their location is ready for installation.
Once the table leaves
our factory and reaches the installation location, the item will be installed.
We are not able to store tables once they arrive. If warehousing is required upon arrival that will be the responsibility of the client.

FAQ Location

Do you have a location where we can view the tables?

Pool Table Portfolio has several warehouse locations on the east coast in the United states. However they are not open to the public. Our New York address is an Admin address and not available for visits. Pool Table Portfolio has several commercial installation
locations where tables may be viewed across the USA and Europe.

What is the best way to contact you?

Pooltableportfolio is available by telephone at 888.617.7665. Or you can email us direct at sales @ Click on our contact us page to send a message through our website inquiry form.

What information is required in order to receive a quote?

Send us an email with the product name, desired exterior size(view our billiard dimension chart), shipping zipcode and any other customizations required. We will reply with a formal trade quote.


Do you give trade discounts?

All of our quotes are priced for the design trade.