Keep Your Pool Table Playing Like New: 5 Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Keep Your Pool Table Playing Like New: 5 Maintenance Tips and Tricks - Pool Table Portfolio
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You just bought your brand new pool table and you are wondering how you can keep it looking pristine... Simple weekly or biweekly maintenance is essential for keeping your pool table in good condition for many years.
In this article, I will walk you through a few things to look out for in regards to maintaining a pool table.

Preventative Actions

The best way to keep your pool table clean is to practice healthy pool table etiquette.
Here are a few things you can do to cut down on the time you spend cleaning your billiard table.


Playing Rough

1. forgoing "hard play" such as slamming shots in the pockets, which can cause the ball to ricochet off the back of the pocket and hit the cloth on the edge of the slate inside the pocket area, cutting the felt.

Don't try any masse, jump, or scoop shots. Even the most skilled players will leave behind cloth burns, white marks, or tears.

Even the smallest tears will grow and necessitate the replacement of the entire cloth.


The Elements

2. Protecting your table from exposure to the glistening sunlight is a necessity as it will quickly fade the color in your cloth, or dry out your cushions and leather pockets... even potentially fading the table's finish as well.

Investing in a simple heavy-duty cover should be a consideration, note to stay away from plastic dust covers as they aren't UV rated, aka useless if not detrimental.

Sunlight exposure isn't the only area of concern as wide temperature and humidity fluctuations will cause the cushions and cloth to have a shorter lifespan.

Furthermore, the table's overall structural integrity will be jeopardized due to the shrinkage and swelling of the wooden components.

Keeping the pool table in a climate-controlled environment will help it last longer unless the table is specially designed for the elements.

The Elements Pt.2 (Water)

3. We know you probably don't want to play Marco Polo on your pool table but trust us, it's not a good idea. Water and pool tables just don't mix - it can cause warping and all sorts of damage to the playing surface and the wood underneath. So next time you decide to set your drink on the table and it inevitably spills you will be aware of the damage that is occurring.   

Protecting The Rails

4. it's not a good idea to use regular furniture polish on the rails of your pool table because it can leave an oily residue that shows fingerprints and can eventually build up on the cushion cloth. For the rest of the table, it's best to use a dusting agent like mild lemon oil that doesn't leave a residue."

The Cloth

5. It's important to properly train and maintain the cloth on your pool table to keep it performing well and lasting longer. When you first get a new table, the cloth might affect the roll of the balls until it's broken in. To do this, you want to brush it in a straight line, not in circles. You can also gently vacuum it with an upholstery attachment (no beater bar). If you have a worsted wool cloth, just brush the table as needed to keep it clean.

By following these tips, you'll be able to keep your pool table playing like new, so you can focus on perfecting your shots and having fun.


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