The Empathy Suite, Las Vegas

Designed by Damien Hirst, this 9,000 square-foot space boasts two stories of unparalleled opulence, with two master bedrooms, a cantilevered outdoor pool offering a panoramic view of the Las Vegas Strip, lounges accommodating over 50 guests, massage rooms, and even a salt relaxation room.

Hirst's signature touch is evident throughout, from furniture and textiles imprinted with his designs to six large-scale original artworks that captivate visitors. One of the most striking features is the artwork titled "Winner/Loser," which displays two bull sharks suspended in formaldehyde. The suite's bar, aptly named "Here For A Good Time Not a Long Time," and other design elements like the translucent cabinet filled with pills, further highlight Hirst's iconic motifs.

Amidst this marvel of art and architecture, Pooltableportfolio is proud to have contributed to the suite's allure. Collaborating closely with both Bentel & Bentel and Damien Hirst, we designed a unique pool table for the space. Our model, named "The Burj," is meticulously crafted with an acrylic base and white gloss rails. Enhancing its elegance, Damien Hirst provided custom artwork that was seamlessly imprinted on the table fabric.