Our best selling Arock design with custom crocodile leather rails.

Design Details

The Arock Croc's wooden rails, wrapped in detailed crocodile leather, exude an air of sophistication, set against the pristine transparency of its Lucite legs. The deep texture of the leather juxtaposed with the clean lines of the table creates a centerpiece that's as much a work of art as it is a playfield.

Craft Your Signature Table

Customize your table to perfectly match your space and style. Begin by selecting from an array of crocodile leather for the rails, available in a spectrum of hues—from bold to subtle—and finishes, from the sleek sheen of glossy to the understated elegance of matte. Complement your choice with our diverse felt options, knowing that what we’ve listed is just a taste of the possibilities. To ensure your vision is precisely realized, we offer free samples of our materials, allowing you to experience the quality and color firsthand before making your decision.

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