Arock Nubuck

Based on our popular Arock model, handcrafted featuring a pristine acrylic base and solid wood rails, customizable with a selection of luxurious materials including stitched leather, supple Nubuck, or distinctive hair-on-hide. Beyond functionality, it stands as a centerpiece of design and craftsmanship, enhancing the aesthetic of any room.  

Design Details

Based on our popular Arock design, this BCA-compliant table features a flawless playing surface with a 1.20-inch thick slate, edged by Artemis K-66 rubber cushions for precision play. Its grandeur is grounded on a sleek, high-end acrylic base, presenting a floating silhouette. Swathed atop the rails, premium Nubuck leather invites a touch of luxury, its rich texture adding to the table's sophisticated aesthetic, designed to command attention and last through generations of spirited play.


Customization is a core part of our design, offering a vast array of fabric choices to reflect your personal style. The centerpiece of our bespoke options is the extensive selection of premium Nubuck, each piece handpicked for its premium quality. Explore a glipmse of the customization options we offer with an array of nubuck selections and fabrics viewable below. If you would like to see a more extensive array or our unique 'hair on hide' choices, we invite you to reach out. We’re happy to provide in-person samples at no cost to ensure your selection meets your discerning standards.

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Craftsmanship and Materials

Handcrafted by our craftsmen with over two decades of experience, each table is a masterwork of playability and design. The sturdy acrylic base sets a contemporary foundation, while the wooden rails, ensconced in soft Nubuck or leather, exude elegance and provide resilient durability. Every element is carefully selected and meticulously assembled, ensuring your table not only stands out as a stunning centerpiece but also delivers on a superior billiards experience.