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Presenting the "Royal Foosball", a sleek and sophisticated game table that reimagines foosball with a modern twist. Crafted with attention to detail, this custom-made foosball table is designed to elevate your gaming experience while seamlessly blending into your contemporary living space.

Table Design:

1. Waterproof Wood Black Lacquer Frame: The foosball table's frame is constructed from waterproof wood, providing durability. 

2. Chrome Thin Stainless Legs: The chrome thin stainless legs add a sense of lightness and sophistication to the design. The sleek legs not only provide stability but also enhance the table's contemporary aesthetic.

3. 4-Player Design, Customizable for 2 Players: Designed to accommodate 4 players, this foosball table promotes lively and dynamic gameplay. For those seeking a more intimate experience, customization options are available to tailor the table for 2 players.

4. Customizable Color Finish: The foosball table's color finish is fully customizable, allowing you to select any non-metallic RAL color that aligns with your personal style and interior decor. A concept render of your color selections is available upon contacting us, ensuring a perfect match for your space.

Contact us for the available RAL colors and your concept render of your color selections.