DECO Copper Luxury Ping Pong Table

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The "Deco PingPong Copper" embodies an unparalleled blend of luxury and craftsmanship, offering an extraordinary gaming and dining experience. With its unique combination of copper and a black powder coat finish, this table is a testament to sophisticated design and meticulous attention to detail.

Table Design:

  1. Copper Construction: The table's frame, legs, and components are meticulously crafted from premium copper and powdercoat steel, showcasing its distinctive warm tones and natural patina. Copper not only exudes elegance but also offers exceptional durability, making it an enduring centerpiece in any setting.
  2. Black Powder Coat Finish: A sleek black powder coat finish enhances the copper's luster and creates a striking contrast. This finish adds depth to the table's design, highlighting its intricate details and making it an attention-grabbing element in any room.
  3. Regulation Size: Designed in a standard regulation size of 9ft x 5ft x 30", the table ensures an authentic and competitive ping pong experience. The dimensions adhere to professional standards, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy the game to its fullest.
  4. Copper Net: The table comes complete with a copper net that beautifully complements the copper frame. The net's exquisite design and use of copper maintain the table's aesthetic unity. The net can be easily removed, transforming the table into a stylish dining surface.
  5. Transformative Design: The "Deco PingPong Copper" is thoughtfully designed for dual functionality. By removing the copper net, the table seamlessly transitions into a sophisticated dining top. This versatility ensures that the table remains a dynamic addition to any gathering or occasion.
  6. Customization: While the standard dimensions adhere to regulations, the option for custom sizes adds an extra layer of personalization. This customization accommodates unique interior spaces and preferences, ensuring the table fits perfectly into any environment.
  7. Statement Piece: The combination of copper and black powder coat finish transforms the table into a statement piece that captivates attention. Its aesthetic allure and functional versatility create a focal point that elevates the ambiance of any room.
  8. Craftsmanship and Quality: The "Deco PingPong Copper" is a masterpiece of metal craftsmanship, embodying meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality. Its durable construction and luxurious materials ensure it withstands the test of time.

The "Deco PingPong Copper" is more than a table; it's an artistic expression that redefines entertainment and interior design. With its fusion of copper, black powder coat finish, and transformative design, it exudes opulence and sophistication while offering an unparalleled gaming and dining experience. Please contact us for samples and also a render of your desired finishes.