ICON All weather Ping Pong

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An Outdoor/Indoor ping pong captures the spirit of Miami's dynamic culture, architectural wonders, and stylish ambiance. Its ability to seamlessly transition between ping pong and dining, combined with its customizable color options, makes it an inviting addition to any living and entertainment spaces.

With a range of customizable RAL paint colors to choose from, you have the freedom to match the table to your desired color scheme. This customization ensures that the table harmonizes seamlessly with your interior decor, making it a truly personalized addition.  Contact us for a concept drawing of  your desired color selections.

Seamlessly transition between dining and play when you are able to remove the ping-pong net. 

Whether placed in a chic penthouse or a sophisticated urban loft, the table enhances entertainment space by infusing them with the energy and flair.  The table is produced in Aluminum allowing the table to be used indoors or outdoors.