Satine Gloss

Billiard Tables

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Satine Gloss - a modern embodiment of timeless elegance and versatility. Marrying a sleek boat hull design with contemporary lines, this pool table is sure to redefine your recreational space.

The beauty of the Satine lies in its customization. From gloss to matte, metallic to pearlescent, you have the freedom to choose from a multitude of paint finishes. Pick the one that best complements your space's interior décor, and let this contemporary marvel seamlessly blend or pop. Not just a pool table; a personal statement that tells a story about you.

You have the option to add a Ping Pong Dining conversion top. This addition seamlessly transforms your pool table into a standard-size tennis table. With easy assembly and storage, it is designed to shift between recreation games and dining effortlessly multiplying your options in a single stylish setup.

The Satine is more than just a pool table; it's a sophisticated entertainment centerpiece that guarantees years of enjoyment, competition, and memories. Allow the Satine to become a part of your living space, and enjoy the beauty and versatility it brings to your everyday life. Get ready to host unforgettable game nights, family tournaments, and relaxing evenings with the Satine. Redefine luxury gaming with your own Satine pool table - your space awaits its touch of elegance.