All You Need To Know About Custom Pool Tables

All You Need To Know About Custom Pool Tables - Pool Table Portfolio
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    The art of acquiring a pool table means navigating a labyrinth of options, designs, and personal touches. The true gems in the world of billiards are bespoke tables, handcrafted to flawlessly integrate with your aesthetic sensibilities, spatial considerations, and individual predilections.

    The appropriate pool table can metamorphose into the crown jewel of your entertainment space, radiating charm and character will wow guests and provide a memorable arena for joyous moments with friends and family. Your dream pool table's only limitation would be the dimensions of its intended room.

    1. Pool Table Size: What fits your space?

    Seven, eight, nine, and ten-foot variants are the standard sizes available. Seven-foot tables, often spotted in bars, arcades, and upscale resort game rooms, are a popular choice. Eight-foot tables are the domestic choice for the majority, owing to their full-sized appeal. The tournament circuit prefers the grandeur of nine-foot tables, while the ten-foot ones have historical significance in tournaments and dual-purpose pool/carom tables.

    2. Pool Table Style: What suits your taste?

    Pool table styles are as diverse as they are fascinating. From classic billiards tables with rubber bumpers, through English and American styles, to MDF wooden tables, slate tables, and much more, the spectrum is wide. Hybrid styles, such as an English table with a slate bed, are also sought after. Aesthetically, you might lean towards the traditional ornate woodwork, the streamlined modern designs, or even edgy metal bases. For the truly indulgent, a marble pool table could be an extravagant pick.

    3. Pool Table Features: What are your must-haves?

    From felt color and leg style to the table finish, standard designs offer a myriad of choices. Venturing into the custom realm opens up even more possibilities. Everything from the felt's design, color and material, drop pockets, construction material, ball return, rubber cushions, to the finish can be personalized.

    Moreover, the quest for a pool table could also double as a multi-functional gaming hub, transforming into a poker, blackjack, or ping pong table with a custom cover.

    4. Pool Table Accessories: What complements your choice?

    The accessories you choose – pool cues, balls, bridges, storage racks – could resonate with the aesthetics of your pool table. Matching design and finish add a touch of coherence.

    5. Pool Table Price: What's your budget?

    Pool table prices range vastly from a modest $500 to a staggering $100,000, with quality as the differentiator. The lower end of the spectrum has practical options like folding pool tables suitable for student housing but certainly not ideal for a statement piece. The higher end boasts splendid tables adorned with custom cabinets, thick slate tops, superior felt, intricate carvings, and a plethora of unique customization.

    Custom pool tables are often hailed as the best as they allow the table to match the clients vision of what they want. Custom pool tables begin as a sketch, bloom into detailed designs with inlays, leg shapes, and color choices, and eventually come to life under our in-house design team's expert hands. Some of our bespoke creations weigh over 2000 pounds, requiring reinforced home flooring!

    Requests such as LED lighting for drop pockets and trim are welcomed and added to pool table designs. Once the pool table is assembled and approved by the client, it is carefully disassembled and shipped, to be set up in the client's home by our professional installation teams.

    A custom pool table built by us can take between 1 to 4 months to create, depending on the tables design's complexity. The time invested invariably leads to a product that leaves our clients thrilled and satisfied with their purchase.

    Our clientele includes interior designers, entrepreneurs, celebrities, sports stars and just about anyone you can think of. When you buy a Pool Table Portfolio bespoke pool table, you invest in a one of one creation that will wow all who will see and play on our pool tables.


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