Questions Outdoor Pool Table Future or Current Owners Might Have

Questions Outdoor Pool Table Future or Current Owners Might Have - Pool Table Portfolio
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     You just bought or are looking to buy an outdoor pool table and you might be having some questions on how to care for it, how it handles the elements and so forth. We'll try to answered those questions and more.

    Can Sunlight Fade Outdoor Pool Tables? Outdoor pool tables and the sun... they can take it, but over time, that constant exposure wears on them. UV rays fade the cloth and weather the finish. You need to know how to play it smart:

    • Materials: Some tables fight back with sun-resistant finishes and fabrics that don't give in so easily. They slow down the fade.
    • Protection: A cover is simple, but it works. Keep it covered when you're not playing, and you keep it looking good.
    • You take care of it; it takes care of you. That's how it works.

    How Much Do Outdoor Pool Tables Cost? Prices vary, if you're looking at anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000 and up. What drives it?

    • Materials, craftsmanship, and a design built to last and handle the outdoors.
    • Customization: Make it yours. Your style, your design. That's where the price really starts to climb.
    • Where your table is made can also be a key factor. American, French and Chinese craftsmanship for instance all have different costs.

    What Precautions Should Be Taken in Case of Extreme Weather Conditions? Outdoor pool tables can take a beating, but extreme weather? That's a whole different game.

    • Got a storm coming? If you can, hire a team of professional installers and move it into storage. Safe, and out of the way is best when making sure to keep your table safe.

    Is It Okay to Leave Outdoor Pool Tables Out in the Winter? You can leave the table out in the winter. We recommend covering your table. But you need to keep in mind that the natural elements can still show some wear on your outdoor fabric. That is why a cover should always be used.

    What Specific Products Are Recommended for Cleaning and Maintaining the Table? Any outdoor furniture cleaner for powder-coated aluminum. Outdoor fabric cleaner is suitable. If it is teak or all-weather oak, then you want to use a wood cleaner for the specific type of wood. And you also want to apply a treatment for the outdoor weather-treated oak wood.

    How Long Do Outdoor Pool Tables Last? They're built to take on the weather, but how long they last? That's up to you.

    • Quality materials last longer. High quality, weather-resistant. No shortcuts.
    • Maintenance: Clean it. Cover it. Store it right when the weather turns severe.
    • Usage: Play hard, but play smart. A good table can take it, but don't push it too far.
    • Do it right, and you've got a table for 5 to 10 years. Go for the best, and you might have a pool table for 20 years or more.

    How Easy Is It to Assemble and Install an Outdoor Pool Table? Installation is similar to an indoor table. Care must be taken when applying the fabric, as outdoor material can be more challenging to stretch and apply. Leveling on grass or on an outdoor patio can prove more difficult.

    Are There Options to Customize the Table to Match Your Outdoor Décor or Personal Preferences? Yes, the fabric color can be customized, and for aluminum tables, you can choose any non-metallic RAL color. Oak outdoor tables offer various stain options.

    Purchasing Outdoor Pool Tables from Pool Table Portfolio Contact us through our email or through the contact form found on the site; a response is usually be sent within 24 hours.

    Can the Table Be Converted or Used for Other Games? You can purchase an optional outdoor ping-pong conversion top.

    What Type of Top Does an Outdoor Pool Table Have? You can purchase a weatherproof cover that will be customized to fit the table. You can opt to have the cover go to the ground and completely cover the table. You want to place a support that we supply on the play surface so rain will fall off the top and not pool on the table.

    What Are Outdoor Pool Tables Made Of? We have weather-treated oak and teak wood tables and all-aluminum tables.

    How Easy Is It to Move or Relocate the Table If Needed? It is not easy. Moving a table requires disassembly and a professional billiard installer.

    What Accessories Come with the Outdoor Pool Table? The accessory kit comes with 4 weatherproof cue sticks, 1 weatherproof bridge stick, balls, chalk, a brush, and a weatherproof triangle. But it is recommended to store your accessories separately when not using them.

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