Custom Pool Tables for Sale in Scarsdale, New York

Custom Pool Tables for Sale in Scarsdale, New York
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    In Scarsdale, a community renowned for its affluence and historical charm, having a custom pool table that aligns with the elegance of your home is paramount. At PoolTablePortfolio, we understand the sophisticated tastes and high standards of Scarsdale residents. Our pool tables are meticulously crafted from premium hardwoods, designed to maintain their beauty and functionality through the seasonal changes of New York.

    Customization at Its Finest

    Each pool table we create is a reflection of individual style and exceptional craftsmanship. Whether your Scarsdale residence exudes a modern aesthetic or a classic, traditional vibe, our custom tables are tailored to enhance your living space. Select from a variety of wood finishes to match your interior decor, choose a felt color that stands out or blends in subtly, and customize the design of the table's base and legs to suit your taste. This level of customization ensures that your pool table is not only a perfect fit for your home but also meets your specific entertainment needs.

    Year-Round Functionality

    Our tables are engineered to provide a flat, stable, and smooth playing surface throughout the year, adapting seamlessly to the varying indoor conditions of Scarsdale homes. Additionally, many of our tables come with convertible tops, transforming them into dining tables or ping pong tables, providing versatile functionality that enhances both your entertainment and dining experiences without compromising on style.

    Visualize Your Custom Pool Table with Our Free Rendering Service

    Understanding the importance of visualizing your investment, PoolTablePortfolio offers a complimentary rendering service for all our Scarsdale clients. This service allows you to see how your custom pool table will look in your specific game room setting, providing a realistic preview and ensuring that the design and size are a perfect fit.

    Experience Our Quality First-Hand with Free Samples

    To assist in your decision-making, we provide free samples of our materials and finishes. You can feel the quality of our wood, assess the durability of our finishes, and see the true colors of our felts to ensure every aspect of your pool table meets your standards before finalizing your purchase.

    Custom Pool Table Installation Services in Scarsdale, New York

    Our pool tables are installed by highly skilled local technicians in Scarsdale, supporting the local economy and ensuring expert setup. Each installation is performed with precision, tailored specifically to the unique dimensions and style of your home.

    Enhance Your Scarsdale Game Room with Luxury Furniture

    Beyond pool tables, PoolTablePortfolio offers a comprehensive range of game room furniture that can elevate any space. Our collection includes stylish bar stools, plush seating options, and versatile storage solutions, all crafted with a commitment to durability and contemporary aesthetics.

    Design the Ultimate Game Room in Scarsdale

    Scottsdale Wengen - Pool Table Portfolio

    Elevate your game room with our selection of high-end game tables, perfect for complementing your PoolTablePortfolio pool table or integrating seamlessly with your existing decor. Choose from popular games like Foosball, Air Hockey, Shuffleboard, Poker, Bumper Pool, and Table Tennis.

    Direct Delivery and Customization of Pool Tables in Scarsdale


    We ensure direct delivery of custom pool tables right to your doorstep in Scarsdale, whether you're in a bustling neighborhood or a tranquil suburb. Our local team is dedicated to providing personalized service, helping you select and customize the perfect table for your space while understanding your specific design and space requirements.


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