New Papillon luxury pool table

New Papillon luxury pool table - Pool Table Portfolio
Bob Saint Bob Saint

    With close to 20 years of designing and manufacturing custom pool tables for private clients and interior designers we sought to create a luxury pool table like no other. Introducing the Papillon pool table - after the french word for butterfly we created a pool table with an elegant base frame structure to match.

    papillon dining pool table

    The materials that go into building this unique one of a kind pool table starts with a choice selected hard wood for the frame and rails, a master craftsmen paint finish with the option to select from a wide range of RAL colors and finishes, metal details that wrap around the bottom rail and accent the base the pool table. The table also comes with a professional grade pool table cloth play surface covering a stone surface of 1' three-piece Brazilian slate.

    With our patented design we sought to go unique and give the pool table a base structure like no other, emulating the wings of a butterfly our Papillon floats up and creates a wonderful and elegant effect to behold. Modifying the rails of the pool table was the next step in trying to bring a new twist to a classic design, keeping it minimal we only sought to create openings along the top side rails to further enhance the floating effect.

    front view of the papillon dining pool table

    With that we are proud to introduce this wonderful new pool table - a bespoke game table sure to bring glamour to any room it sits in.



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