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Famous Billiard Players - Pool Table Portfolio
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    Billiards, a classic game, has been enjoyed by people from all walks of life for decades. Beyond its status as a much loved pastime, billiards has attracted enthusiasts from various professions, including the celebrities and public figures.

    1. Joe Rogan

    joe rogan lining up a pool shot

    Known for his diverse talents as a comedian, podcaster, and mixed martial arts commentator as well as practitioner, Joe Rogan has also demonstrated a passion for billiards. With his macho wit, innate ability to grind and focus, Rogan has showcased an understanding of the game's complexities. On his podcast, "The Joe Rogan Experience," he has spoken about his love for billiards and how it serves as an outlet for relaxation and competition.

    2. Mark Twain

    mark twain playing billiards

    A literary genius renowned for his iconic works such as "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" and "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," Mark Twain had an unexpected talent for billiards. Twain frequently visited billiards halls and clubs, honing his skills as he traveled across the United States and Europe. The game provided him with not only enjoyment but also opportunities to meet with fellow players, inspiring some of his compelling characters and stories.

    3. Barack Obama

    obama playing billiards in a bar

    As the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama often sought solace in various recreational activities during his tenure. Billiards was one of his favorite pastimes, and he would frequently play with members of his staff and even foreign dignitaries at the White House. Obama's composed demeanor and calculated approach to the game earned him respect and admiration from fellow enthusiasts, even getting called a "shark" by Gov. Hickenlooper.

    4. Manny Pacquiao

    manny playing billiards

    World-renowned for his exceptional boxing skills and illustrious career in the ring, Manny Pacquiao has a lesser-known passion for billiards. Often referred to as the "Pacman," he has competed in numerous billiards tournaments and showcased real talent. Pacquiao's hand-eye coordination, acquired from his boxing prowess, seamlessly translates into the game of billiards, making him a formidable opponent at the table.

    5. Tom Cruise

    tom cruise playing pool

    A Hollywood icon, Tom Cruise's love for billiards can be traced back to his early acting days. While not widely publicized, Cruise has often mentioned his affinity for the game in interviews. His dedication to perfection in his craft extends to billiards, where he strives to excel with the same intensity and commitment he brings to his film roles. Cruise's love for billiards also serves as a means to unwind and bond with friends and colleagues.


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