Modern Custom Pool Tables: How to Add Logos and Artwork for a Unique Look

Modern Custom Pool Tables: How to Add Logos and Artwork for a Unique Look
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Types of Felt and Materials for Custom Designs
Navy Blue Fabric
When it comes to customizing your pool table, the choice of felt and materials is crucial. The felt used for custom designs can vary in quality and type:
Standard Billiard Fabric: Often used for simpler logos and designs. It's durable and ideal for regular use.
Special Custom Fabrics: Some suppliers offer unique fabrics with a stiff material underneath that doesn’t affect playability. These are perfect for intricate designs and full graphic prints.
Premium Felts: High-quality felt options like Simonis or Hainsworth are known for their durability and colorfastness. These are ideal for both embroidery and printing techniques.
    Printing Techniques
    For adding logos and artwork, several techniques can be used:
    Screen Printing: Suitable for simple, bold designs. It ensures the design is vibrant and long-lasting.
    Embroidery: Provides a textured, high-end look. It's excellent for adding logos or initials.
    Digital Printing and Laser Dying: Ideal for full custom fabrics with intricate designs. Both techniques allow for detailed artwork without compromising the felt’s quality.
      Durability and Maintenance
      Wengen Pooltable In a bright room

      Materials used for printing or embroidery are designed to be durable and colorfast, with premium felts particularly resilient, maintaining their appearance and performance under regular use. Maintenance for custom pool tables is straightforward: regular brushing keeps the felt clean and smooth, vacuuming removes dust and debris to preserve the felt's texture, and avoiding excessive moisture ensures the longevity of both the felt and the artwork. Additionally, positioning the table near sunlight will cause fading over time, so it's best to place it in a location away from direct sunlight to maintain its appearance.

        Popular Designs and Themes
        Current trends in custom pool tables include incorporating corporate logos and branding, ideal for businesses wanting to align their pool table with their corporate identity. Family crests and initials add a personal touch to home game rooms, while custom artwork allows for designs that incorporate your preferred color scheme and artistic themes.
          Incorporating Meaningful Elements

          Adding personal elements to your pool table can significantly enhance its aesthetic appeal. Consider incorporating family crests or initials to personalize the table, making it a unique piece of family heritage. Custom colors can match the table's felt and wood to your home decor, and commissioning artwork that reflects your interests or passions adds a distinctive touch.

            Collaboration Process 
            Render of an arock

            We offer renders and samples to help you visualize the final product and make necessary adjustments. Our detailed renders showcase the design, felt quality, and exact tones. Additionally, we provide exclusive designs, including spin art using up to 7 Pantone colors. For more customized options, we work closely with artists to ensure a seamless process of creating unique artwork that reflects your style and preferences.    

              Notable Designs

              For instance, a notable case study involves a custom artwork designed for the Burj Pooltable at the Palms in collaboration with renowned artist Damien Hirst. Such collaborations showcase the potential impact of unique designs.

              Pricing and Cost Factors

              The cost of adding custom logos and artwork varies:

              Logo Design: Typically around $1,000.
              Full Graphic Art: Approximately $1,700, particularly for exclusive in-house designs.

                Factors influencing the cost include the complexity of the design, the materials used, and the customization technique.

                Care Requirements

                To maintain the appearance and longevity of your custom pool table:

                Regular Brushing: Keeps the felt in top condition.
                Gentle Vacuuming: Removes dust without damaging the fabric.
                Avoiding Harsh Chemicals: Prevents color fading and fabric deterioration.
                  Ensuring Playability

                  Custom designs, when done correctly, do not interfere with the playability of the pool table. Even intricate designs are applied in a way that maintains the smoothness of the felt surface.

                  Customizing your pool table with logos and artwork can transform it into a centerpiece that reflects your personal style or corporate identity. By choosing the right materials, working with skilled designers, and following proper maintenance, your custom pool table will remain a beautiful and functional addition to your space for years to come.


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