Keeping Your Billiard Table Safe from Humidity and Temperature Changes

Keeping Your Billiard Table Safe from Humidity and Temperature Changes
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Whether you're a passionate pool player or a designer crafting the perfect game room, understanding how weather and climate affect your billiard table is crucial. Environmental factors like humidity-induced warping and temperature-triggered felt issues can impact your table's performance and longevity. High heat stretches the felt, while cold makes the wood brittle. Keep the temperature between 68°F and 74°F to prevent these issues. Humidity also affects the table; excess moisture dampens the felt, and dry conditions cause wood to crack. Maintain humidity levels between 40-60% for optimal performance.

Humidity and extreme temperatures are your table’s worst enemies. Besides them, sunlight can cause significant damage over time. Direct sunlight can fade the felt and cause the wood to dry out and crack. If you have an MDF table, humidity will warp the playing surface quickly and can warp the wood frame as well. Consider using dehumidifiers in high-humidity areas and portable A/C units or heaters to maintain a consistent climate in your game room. Additionally, use curtains or blinds to block direct sunlight and consider UV-protective window films to minimize sun damage.

Maintenance Tips

Regularly checking the felt for signs of moisture or wear and inspecting and tightening bolts and screws ensures structural integrity. Using a dehumidifier in high-humidity areas and a humidifier in dry climates helps maintain a stable environment for your table.

Features of Custom-Made Tables

Luxury and custom-made billiard tables are designed with specific features to withstand temperature and humidity fluctuations. Here’s what sets them apart:

High-Quality Materials: High-quality slate is used for the playing surface, known for its resistance to warping and temperature changes. Premium woods like mahogany, oak, and maple are kiln-dried and treated to withstand moisture and temperature variations.

Arock 19 - Pool Table Portfolio

Advanced Cushion and Felt Technology: High-grade gum rubber cushions are less susceptible to temperature changes, ensuring consistent bounce. Treated felt resists moisture absorption, maintaining playability in humid conditions.

Precision Craftsmanship: Advanced joinery techniques, such as dovetail joints and metal reinforcements, prevent warping and structural shifts. High-quality finishes seal the wood, protecting it against moisture and temperature-induced expansion and contraction.

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Built-In Climate Control: Storing billiard tables in climate-controlled environments maintains their condition. Adjustable leg levelers ensure the table remains level despite environmental changes. Additionally, convertible dining top covers provide protection and versatility, allowing your table to serve multiple functions.


By understanding and mitigating the effects of climate on your billiard table, you can enjoy a superior playing experience and prolong the life of your investment. Take action now by preplanning and investing in a custom table, such as the Quattro or Tekku by Pool Table Portfolio, to ensure added protection and durability. Follow these tips and make the smart choice to keep your table in top condition, no matter the weather. Don’t wait—secure the longevity and performance of your billiard table today!

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