What Sets Custom Billiard Tables Apart? The Art of Personalized Design

What Sets Custom Billiard Tables Apart? The Art of Personalized Design - Pool Table Portfolio
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    You may find yourself wondering, what really differentiates a custom billiard table from a premade one? The answer lies in a myriad of unique customization options, with the limit being nothing but your imagination.

    The Finish: From Wood to Paint


    Let's start with one of the most striking aspects: the finish. A premade table generally comes with a predefined set of finishes for buyers to choose from. In contrast, a custom-made table, especially those crafted from wood, provides an array of standard wood finishes. You can also upgrade to a selection of other finishes like walnut, oak, sapelli, ebony, and macassar. If wood isn't your preference, you can opt for a bespoke paint finish, thereby expanding your palette of color options.

    You have the freedom to select from a variety of rail colors for your paint finish. These colors follow a standard chart used both within the United States and internationally. You can then choose the final paint finish—either a subtly shiny satin, a shine-free matte, or a high-gloss finish.

    Fabric Choices: From Wool to Custom Graphics

    Moving from the finish to the fabric, the array of choices continues. While premade tables often come with limited fabric options, our custom tables open a broader spectrum. We source our fabrics from renowned manufacturers like Simonis and Championship. Simonis, recognized for producing superior billiard balls, also offers a worsted wool fabric that creates a smooth and fast-playing surface. Alternatively, Championship provides the Titan series billiard fabric, a thicker, felt-like material available in an extensive range of vibrant colors.

    Championship also offers a tournament series fabric, a higher-grade worsted wool that promises faster play. Going beyond materials and colors, we also provide the opportunity for our clients to leave their unique imprint on their table. You can customize it further with a graphic or logo of your choice, which our skilled graphic artists can create and apply directly onto the billiard fabric.

    Boundless Personalization

    Customization is at the heart of what we do. The journey to creating your dream table doesn't stop at choosing a finish or fabric. We take the concept of custom tables a step further, presenting a realm of possibilities for personalization that is truly boundless.

    One memorable instance of our custom work can be seen in the empathy suit designed by Damien Hirst at the Palms, where we've had the honor of installing several tables, each reflecting the distinctive taste of the designers. Through our work, we seek to demonstrate that custom billiards offer more than just a game—it's a canvas for self-expression and creativity.

    Stay Tuned for More!

    In the coming weeks, we'll be delving deeper into these customization options. We'll deconstruct a table and discuss in detail the numerous ways you can tailor it to make it uniquely yours.


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